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Film: Nelson Algren: The End is Nothing, The Road is All

Video: Algren’s Last Night a short video by Warren Leming

Algren's Last Night" is the bittersweet tale of a Chicago writer bidding farewell to the city he had 'made his trade.' Based on a script written and narrated by Algren's friend Warren Leming.  Given the dark tone of Algren's work, Carmine Cervi creates his film noir world in DV color. Unique and evocative cityscapes reveal a dark, haunted Chicago rarely traveled or seen.

Algren: A Life by Mary Wisniewski

"A sensitive portrayal of an important writer at mid-century in a uniquely American tale. The film is a musically, lyrically, and visually atmospheric journey through Algren's Chicago during the Depression, the Cold War, and the rise of corporate publishing. Serious and compelling."- Bettina Drew, Author of "Nelson Algren: A Life on the Wild Side" / Professor of English and Creative Writing at the University of Missouri

"Mary Wisniewski's Algren: A Life is an immensely readable portrait of the great but problematic Chicago writer. Exquisitely reported, sympathetic but clear-eyed, it's about the most complete account of his life and work I've seen. Wisniewski has a great sense of detail, and a wonderfully candid voice." —Achy Obejas, author of Days of Awe

A Transatlantic Love Affair: Letters to Nelson Algren by Simone de Beauvoir    by Clancy Sigal review 1998

Creatively, Simone and Nelson owed each other a tremendous, untraceable debt.

A Heroic Line of Losers: From Herman Melville to Nelson Algren by Hugh Iglarsh

A lifelong gambler, and not a particularly lucky or good one, in his later years he seems to have been dealt an unfairly poor hand.

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